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Sensory Bag guest post by LondonNannyGram.

Sensory Bag

I always think presents for little ones can be really tricky to get right, especially babies under one.

I decided to make a sensory bag for my four month old nephew, hoping that he can continue to use this throughout his toddling years and beyond! The idea is for him to explore safely different textures, materials and noises, then develop some open ended play in future.

The main drawstring bag I sourced from amazon, then went and bought some craft ribbon and pom-poms which luckily my housemate sewed on! – We used acrylic paint on the bag, which you can pick up cheaply online or in stores like Amazon (apologies, the writing isn’t great on it!).

For the objects inside, I tend to just go with what I think a child would be interested in, rather that exclusively wooden or heuristic. As we all know, kids love a cardboard box more than the £100 toy next to it, so the more generic, random and cheaper, the better!
I’ve ensured nothing has sharp edges, is too heavy or too small. Most of it I got in the pound shop, Amazon or the charity shop! You can probably look around the house too and find something to go in there. Hopefully, the bag will continue to be added to!


The Instagram account is run by two of us, both Nannies. We have a lot of experience including extensive nanny training and teacher training. We love to learn more, so used our account to share ideas and get ideas from others. I find other peoples views and opinions invaluable.
Both of us worked a ski season as nannies and now live together and spend a lot of time planning and creating activities for our little ones that have thought behind them.

Please check out my blog, I talk about what it’s like to work in London as a nanny and my experiences. Soon we will have a ‘nanny takeover’ where a friend of mine will talk about working for a high net worth family in Chelsea, inspired by watching Tamara‘s world on tv!

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