An exclusive, limited edition collaboraion with What Kitty Did

Over the weekend What Kitty Did dusted off her NannySwag hat to help get our merch off the ground! Our first limited edition offering is excellent for this beautiful summer weather. 

Our 16 fl oz (475ml) tumbler with straw will soon become your favorite drinks cup! 

Ideal for making sure you keep hydrated, our lidded cup is designed for nannies who are always on the move.

Proudly branded as a Nalo Nanny, you can even attempt to tell your charges “No darling, only nannies can drink from this cup!” to avoid the backwash woes that come from sharing drinks with children.

The lid is a great help to avoid accidental spillages, and the ease of the reusable straw makes for easy drink consumption. Quick sips on the go and little risk of your drink being poured all over you! Nanny win! 

Perfect for the journey to work and use throughout the day. 

We have four colours available for you to choose from:

Coral, Blue, Green, or Yellow

Price and Ordering

Our Tumbler with Straw cost £10 each with free postage! 

Please note there are limited numbers available and will no longer be available when sold out. 

Nannies who are part of our Best Nannies membership have 24 hours pre-sale on Monday 3rd August.

Best Nannies and Popular Nannies will recieve a 20% discount. 

Orders will also recieve a free gift whilst stocks last! 

Please allow 10 days for delivery. 

Use the links below for instructions on how to order. 

Open from 10am Monday 3rd August

Open from 10am Tuesday 4th August

You can find What Kitty Did on Facebook and Instagram

About Nalo

Nalo is an online community created to support nannies in the UK. We offer advice, resources, campaigns and meet ups to build a foundation for the nanny community. 

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