Our Nalo Book Club promotes continuous professional development for nannies and gives nannies the chance to discuss and recommend new books

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What is Book Club?

We want to encourage nannies to continue their professional development through books.

Each month we will post a new book for nannies to read during the month and will have a thread open on The Nanny Lounge for discussion. This thread will be open for the duration of the month. 
Share what you learnt, what you agree with, anything you disagree with, what you’ll be using in your nannying, and so on. It will be great to see everyone opinions and view points, as well as learning together and encouraging each other to read and learn.
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July's Book of the Month

The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Proven Strategies to Nurture Your Child’s Developing Mind

“In this pioneering, practical book for parents, neuroscientist Daniel J. Siegel and parenting expert Tina Payne Bryson explain the new science of how a child’s brain is wired and how it matures. Different parts of a child’s brain develop at different speeds and understanding these differences can help you turn any outburst, argument, or fear into a chance to integrate your child’s brain and raise calmer, happier children. Featuring clear explanations, age-appropriate strategies and illustrations that will help you explain these concepts to your child, The Whole-Brain Child will help your children can lead balanced, meaningful, and connected lives using twelve key strategies.”

This month I’m trialling Audible as an alternative to reading. Prefer listening? Sign up to an audible 30 day trial here and recieve one free book (or two if you’re a prime member). 

June's Book of the Month

How To Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk – by Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish

This seems to be the main book, however any book in the series will be great to discuss!

Others include:

Check out The Nanny Lounge for our discussion thread.
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