Nanny Jobs Board UK is a Facebook Group for nannies to advertise themselves, or parents looking for childcare and agencies to advertise nanny jobs within the UK.

We welcome nannies, au pairs, parents and agencies to join us in our Facebook group  Nanny Jobs Board UK.

Our Nanny Jobs Board UK ensures that:

In nannying each role is extremely individual. Every family has their own parenting style, and an idea of what they expect from a nanny as an employee. Some families may require a structured routine and strict discipline, others a more child centred focus with an attachment based approach, and there’s everything in between. 

We want agencies and parents looking for childcare to appeal to the best nanny for their particular role and to entice that nanny to apply. 

When adverts have little or misleading information, nannies don’t know enough about the job they are applying for and agencies and parents are less likely to get the best nannies for the job. 
Lack of information on both sides prevents the job market from running smoothly and contributes to badly matched nannies moving into jobs that are not well suited to their needs. The whole cycle then must begin again, wasting time and money on both sides. 

Nannies who are unhappy in their job are less productive and likely to leave quickly, resulting in starting the process again. 

Conversely, nannies who start a role with the full understanding of the requirements of the job may be more likely to stay on.

Some agencies may use ‘please call for further information’ as a tactic to sift out those who aren’t serious about applying however it tends to have the opposite effect as this extra step deters nannies.

We aim to encourage as much relevant information as possible in job adverts to make it clear on both sides the expectations of the position, allowing the best nannies for the position to apply and for both the nanny and the employer to build a good relationship.

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Nalo is an online community created to support nannies in the UK. We offer advice, resources, campaigns and meet ups to build a foundation for the nanny community. 

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