Get your productivity back on track with our Productivity Tracker available through our Nalo Nannies membership.

Looking at how you spend your time allows you to be more productive! 
A productivity tracker is a great way to reflect on your week and build new habits. 

Writing your goals will allow you to stay on track and have a visual reminder of what it is you want to achieve.
A productivity tracker will allow you to see where you need to dedicate more time in your schedule in a quick glance.

Productivity Trackers also work great with the Pomodoro technique, helping you to organise your day into 25 minute sessions seperated by short breaks.

How does it work? Simply tick off each day when you achieve a goal. The aim isn’t to check all the boxes, so don’t panic. It’s just to show how you progress over the week.
At the end of the week you may realise that you’ve had lots of play dates however no messy play! You can then see how you need to balance this out more the next week.
We do hope you’re able to continuously check the ‘Keep Kids Alive’ box however! 

Want to get your hands on our Productivity Tracker?

 You can find the nanny version, as photographed, and a blank version for you to add your own habits to, available for all our Nalo Nannies members.
Those on the Best Nannies Tier of our membership are able to request personalised habits to be added and a pdf version will be sent. 

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Nalo is an online community created to support nannies in the UK. We offer advice, resources, campaigns and meet ups to build a foundation for the nanny community. 

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