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Welcome To Nalo

The name Nalo comes from an abbreviation of ‘The Nanny Lounge’, our popular Facebook group for nannies. It is pronounced in the same way you’d say ‘halo’, but with an ‘N’ of course. 

We provide a supportive community for nannies in the UK and help nannies to receive the information, advice and guidance they need to be the best they can. 

We know how isolating nannying can be at times so we host frequent meet ups and online events, as well as growing our online community.

We also run communities for nanny agencies, employers, and places for nannies and jobs to be advertised. 

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The Nanny Lounge

Join us for a safe space to chat, vent, ask for advice, and level up your nannying

Nanny Ads - Find Your Perfect UK Nanny

A space for nannies to advertise themselves and their availability

Nanny Agency Lounge

Find support from other established nanny agencies and discuss the nanny industry

Nanny Jobs Board

Dedicated to helping you find or advertise nanny jobs in the UK

Nanny Employers Lounge

Find tips and info about what employing a nanny entails

Go Gross Campaign

We have been campaigning since 2017 for nannies to be paid gross wage agreements (rather than net) to be in line with other professional industries


Nalo Halo

As nannies we have dealt with many different nanny agencies over the years and have designed the Nalo Halo to showcase the best agencies

Latest Posts

Finding Balance: Why Nannies Thrive Without Banking Hours

In today’s fast-paced world, the demand for professional childcare providers, such as nannies, is on the rise. With the ever-increasing work demands and busy schedules of parents, nannies play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. However, the issue of banking hours has been a subject of debate in the nanny industry. In this blog post, we’ll explore why nannies shouldn’t have to, and more importantly, don’t want to bank hours.

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We aim to educate nannies and turn all these bars green!

Paediatric First Aid 95%
DBS on the Update Service 89%
Gross Wage 81%
Nanny Insurance 79%
Continuous Professional Development 74%
Safeguarding 46%

*All percentages are taken from polls in The Nanny Lounge June 2020

Here at Nalo we are always encouraging nannies to be the best they can be, and to continue learning and exploring with an open mind. There is always new ideas, information and strategies. 

We’ve identified some key areas in which we encourage nannies:
– Paediatric First Aid Certificate (renewed every 3 years)
– DBS on the Update Service
– Gross wage agreements in contracts (check out our Go Gross  campaign for more details)
– Valid Nanny Insurance
– Continuous Professional Development
– Up to date Safeguarding training and information

Stephanie MThe Nanny Lounge
Read More
My mental health has taken a battering the last few weeks but this group and the lovely people on it have kept me laughing and sane! It's good to know so many others feel the same as you, it's not so lonely 🙂
Ruth MThe Nanny Lounge
Read More
I've had the support and advive that I've not been able to find elsewhere. It's been a real help for me in these difficult times.
Elaine OThe Nanny Lounge
Read More
It's lovely to know there are people here who you can talk to who relate to our current situations and difficulties in all of this <3
Bekki DThe Nanny Lounge
Read More
There's nowhere else and no one else who gets my humour as much as the people on these pages. I've taken advice for play, sleep, and divorce on here. All for free 😉
Rachel FThe Nanny Lounge
Read More
This group makes me feel like I'm not alone. <3 Here you feel supported no matter what even when not nanny related. I have laughed more on here in recent weeks than in the real world which just proves what a fab group it is :-D xx
Valerie WThe Nanny Lounge
Read More
This group lets you know it's not just you that bad things happen to. Always full of advice and great ideas - and humour - which I cannot function without. Long live Nalo x
Adele SThe Nanny Lounge
Read More
Nannying can be isolating - I've been in a house with only small children for company for nearly 30 years now... Having instant access to people who understand, and who have wisdom and warmth and wit to share, is absolutely priceless.
Evelyn LThe Nanny Lounge
Read More
This group is great, especailly if asking some advice and ideas and very supportive. Huge thanks xx
Kelly DThe Nanny Lounge
Read More
It's fantastic being able to have support & advice from people who understand & relate to exactly what we're going through - whether nanny related or not.
Diane CThe Nanny Lounge
Read More
It's lovely to have a safe space to vent or discuss and probles or ideas we have at/for work. There's a great mixture of new and more experienced nannies on here and we can all learn from each other.
Kate GThe Nanny Lounge
Read More
The knowledge that you're not alone as a nanny is priceless and never more than now during lockdown. The group offers support, laughter and a sympathetic ear whatever your grievance!
Charlie H - Greycoat lumleysNanny Jobs Board UK
Read More
Fantastic place for Nannies, Parents and Agencies alike to interact and find their perfect job/match.
Isabela DThe Nanny Lounge
Read More
Emma has worked so hard on this amazing nanny forum, 'The Nanny Lounge'. I have felt welcomed and at ease to post questions. Thank you for creating this excellent place for nannies to 'talk' and create events to meet.

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