Coronavirus Symptoms Guide for Nannies and Employers

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Our Coronavirus Symptoms Guide for Nannies and Employers makes it easy to understand what is expected if coronavirus symptoms arise
Coronavirus Symptoms Guide for Nannies

It can be difficult to navigate the current Government guidance and Test and Trace system, especially when you need the information quickly, so we’ve made a three page guide to help nannies and employers to understand their roles in protecting the spread of COVID-19.

This guide covers:
– Symptoms of Coronavirus
– What to do if a nanny or nanny family have coronavirus symptoms 
– Testing and Results
– Test and Trace 

Information based on:
NHS Test and Trace: How it works – Updated 11th June 2020.
NHS Test and Trace: Workplace Guidance
Updated 15th June 2020

We recommend you print this resource and keep it to hand along side our Covid-19: Working Safely During Coronavirus document. 

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