Thank you so much to everyone who has entered our Lockdown Bake Off 2020. We have absolutely loved seeing all the fabulous cake designs you have come up with!

You nannies have done us proud and over the last two weeks whipped up a total of forty three wonderful cakes and bakes.
We especially love that nannies have been getting their charges and own children involved too!  

We’ve had cupcakes, cheesecakes, afternoon tea, homemade jam, bowl licking, sweetie pinching, eton mess experimenting, cake topper designing, and that one very expensive carrot cake on account of breaking the most costly kitchen utensil! 

There can only be one winner though (as much as I’d love to buy everyone cake the budget doesn’t stretch that far!). 

The winner of a cake box from Baking In The Raine is…

Rhiannon Ellen

This Cruchie Cheesecake was created by her three charges aged 10, 10 and 7 (with a bit of help). 


We’d also love to give special mentions to Ashley for the skill put into her Elsa cake, Brogan for creating three stunningly designed cakes, Ashleigh and her 10 year old charge for their wonderful multicolour rose piping cake and Sian and her 4 year old son’s creative construction site cake.

Honestly though, they were all amazing and this was such a tough decision. Thank you so much for all your entries!

You can check out all of our amazing entries below:

Thank you for sharing your masterpieces! We hope you will all take part again next year. Now I’m gonna just go pop off and have a lovely slice of cake…

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