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The Nalo Halo is awarded to nanny agencies which meet all of our criteria 

We’ve listed below nanny agencies in alphabetical order, along with comments from nannies which have used them.
All reviews are written by real nannies of their honest experience posted in The Nanny Lounge

If you’d like your agency to feature, please promote The Nanny Lounge to your nannies and ask them to leave you a review on the post featured under announcements. 


Nanny Agency Directory

Abberville Nannies

“Katherine and Kate have always come through for me. They always match me with the perfect family. Very quick in sending out interviews and letting me know feedback” – Tanyia B (July 2019) 

Baby Love Nannies

“Hemena from Baby Love Nannies is amazing, always there whenever I need advice. Couldn’t recommend the agency enough! It’s a small 2 person run agency so they are always on hand.” – Louise P (May 2019)

“Very lovely and helpful” – Marivi H (May 2019)


“Judy is an amazing lady who genuinely helps you look for work.” – Nanny Sharz (2017)

Burlington Nannies

“A small agency so very personal. Whenever I call they know exactly who I am and are super friendly. I got my last job through Burlington and Natasha kept in touch the whole way through checking in every couple of months to see how things were going.” – Mol C (2019)

Buttons Nanny Agency

“Manjit who runs the Surrey branch of Buttons Nanny Agency is amazing! She is honest with you about your current chances to find a family with her based on your circumstances (I’m nanny with own child so it’s hard to find roles depending on area). She’s even supported me on several occasions over the phone about issues I had with a family that I didn’t even find via Buttons Nanny Agency! I was able to get hold of her easily and she called me back when required.” – Nanny Ophelie (2019)

Chiltern Childcare

“Amanda at Chiltern Childcare. Can’t fault her for placing nannies in the Amersham, The Chalfonts, Chorleywood etc.” – Vikki C (June 2020)

“Chiltern Childcare are amazing. Extremely supporting, honest, down to earth, completely gets being there for nannies and families. Best agency I’ve ever come across.” – Heather (2017)

Cookham Nannies and Sitters

“Helen helped me build confidence for interviews and is always on the other end of emails or phone if you need advice” – Nicola H (May 2019)

I registered with Helen at Cookham Nannies who was fantastic. She sent me on a few interviews, gave me lots of tips and gave me a big confidence boost by telling me how much she liked me and how well I came across. 
I didn’t end up going for a job through her but I’d 100% use her again. Brilliant experience.” – Hannah M (2019)

“Helen does good background checks and is overall a nice person, can be a bit of work after placing a nanny” – Ainiki (2017)

Daisychain Nanny Agency

“I highly recommend Daisychain nanny agency in Bucks. Emily is very friendly and having been a nanny herself Emily understand our needs. With very few jobs and so many nannies looking I can’t believe how quickly and easily I have found such a brilliant job thanks to Emily’s hard work (even liaising our of hours on a Saturday evening). Definitely the best agency I have used.” – Karen S (August 2020) 

East Green Child Care Services
Kent and Sussex

”I can highly recommend Hazel at East Green Nannies in Kent. Hazel is incredible. Interviews her nannies well, gives as much information as she can before you go and meet the family/nanny match. She keeps in touch in those early days and is always at the end of the phone if you need anything answered or some advice. Best agency I have used.” – Michelle D (August 2020)

“Offers temp and permanent roles and is so friendly and helpful and always on the side of the nanny, very understanding especially throughout COVID (wouldn’t register families not adhering to guidelines etc and was only taking in key worker families at the beginning). She’s fantastic. Based in Tonbridge so quite localised.” – Stephanie M (June 2020)

“Hazel is great she was a nanny herself and now a mum of two, so knows what nannies are looking for in jobs. She really gets to know the nanny so that helps to place them with the right family. She is very experienced and quite knowledgeable with helping sorting out contracts, pensions for the nanny etc. I have got both permanent and temporary jobs through her over many years. I’ve found her very supportive over the past years, she has owned/run the East Green Child Care for 23 years.” – Sharron G (May 2019)

Eden Nannies

“Fantastic support even when the job wasn’t right they stood by me 100%” – Laura M (June 2020)

Elizabeth Henry Nannies

“Very professional. Makes the time to get to know each nanny. Matches nanny to families very well!” – Hayley S (June 2020)

“Sam is so professional, helpful and takes the time to explain anything or tax codes, pensions, contracts, holidays etc and supports her nannies” – Claire P (May 2019)

Empire Nannies

“Elizabeth Thomson from Empire Nannies. I have temped for her. She is lovely.” – Carole H (June 2020)

“Elizabeth is an amazing lady who genuinely helps you look for work.” – Nanny Sharz (Nov 2017)

Evelyn & Bloom

“Jo is so lovely, I had a fab interview with her and she’s very quick at replying and good at matching!” – Lucinda D (June 2020) 

Family Connections

“Katie is amazing and has found me all my nanny jobs. She goes above and beyond to help you find employment. Great communication.” – Rachel M (May 2018)

Freckles Childcare

“The ladies there are brilliant and so helpful. They’re always there at the end of the phone to talk! They’re the best I’ve ever encountered” – Elizabeth L (June 2020)

“Freckles Childcare through and through! Really small team, a very thorough application process for nannies and they get to know all their nannies individually, and work super hard to find you a job that’s a great fit. 
Also – Jo (CEO/founder) is an utter legend and is working so hard to put together a training package for nannies and other childcare workers, supporting their nannies’ mental health and has fundraised throughout COVID to get free childcare for essential workers.” – Sophie C (June 2020)

Fulham Nannies

“Moira Walsh

at Fulham nannies. Amazing communication and great jobs, always keeps you in the loop and offers her personal insight. Really lovely agency.” – Sophie F (October 2020)

“Moira – amazing lady, always makes sure she matches nannies perfectly with the families, and looks after her nannies and families making sure they are all happy” – Tina Z (June 2020) 

“Moira at Fulham Nannies is amazing. She really listens and never sends me to interviews that don’t meet my spec. I’ve had 2 wonderful long term jobs through her.” – Julie C (June 2020) 

“It’s Moira’s baby. She got me an amazing job with a lovely family, who I’m still currently with. Responses practically straight away. Very professional, warm and caring.” – Kim R (July 2019)

Great British Nannies

“Cleo has been amazing with me. Totally professional with a personal touch and always kepy me in the loop. Good, honest, upfront. The sector needs more like this!” – Jen L (July 2019)

“Cleo is lovely” – Nanny Sharz (2017)

Greycoat Lumleys

“Georgia at Greycoat is great – she checks in on me reguarly” – Adel L (June 2020)

“As a temp nanny I use Jo at Greycote Lumleys. I feel that she knows me so well and takes the time to place me with a family I will match and get along with. I’ve never once had a bad experience through them.” – Tanya (2019)

Harmony At Home
– Berkshire –

“Philippa is great and got me my dream job” – Debbie H (Jan 2020)

“Phillipa at Harmony at Home is amaaaaazing!” – Emily G (June 2019)

“Philippa is always cheerful and happy to speak to you.” – Nicola H (May 2019)

“Philippa Day – amazing active lady who knows what she’s doing” (2017)

– Hampshire –

“Maxine and Gemma from Harmony at Home Hampshire are amazing! Highly recommend them!” – Amy D (June 2020)

– Peterborough and Cambs – 

“Kate Rich from Harmony at Home – Peterborough and Cambs. Got me my current job and is franchisee of the year.” – Carole H (June 2020)

– South London –

“Allie at Harmony at Home South London she is absolutely lovely! So supportive and always has my back. Never ever had this before with any of the other big agencies in London. She runs the branch and always checks in, follows up, chases, etc. Absolutely brilliant! Was a nanny/maternity nurse herself too!” – Winnie C (June 2020)

– Sussex –

“Generally find Harmony At Home very good although lately have found the communication not quite as good in my area – as someone covering as usual lady for my area is on maternity leave!” – Linzi W (October 2020)

“I’ve been very well looked after by Charlotte at Harmony at Home Sussex” – Emily T (July 2019)

Hello Nannies

“Liane is fantastic. She really listens to what your looking for as a nanny, offer great advice & doesn’t push you for interviews etc that aren’t a good fit.” – Kelly D (January 2018)


“Simone from Homebodies has been amazing and cannot thank her enough!! Simone went above and beyond expectations to make sure the job is suitable for me and for the parents. She puts her heart and soul into everything. Words cannot describe the gratitude I have for everything she has done for me. Thank you.” – Irmia L (June 2020)

“It was an absolute blessing to find an agency which really cares. Simone is such a lovely person!” – Marketa B  (June 2020)

“Simone is the best agency owner I have ever met! She is very kind, proactive, she listens carefully to all your needs and details, she takes all the time in the world to find the perfect family-nanny match! I am very happy I met her and I recommend her from the bottom of my heart” – Tina D (June 2020)

“Simone at the agency is very good, listened to what you’re looking for and really helped when I had issues with the family during my probation period” – Verity H (June 2020)

Ideal Nannies

“Karen Murphy at Ideal Nannies has always been helpful and supportive. She listens to what I want in a job and when I’m going for interviews will always make sure we are on the same page, so no wasted time for either “me or the interviewer.” – Lynda S (2019)

Imperial Nannies

“When I was looking for work 2 years ago they have been amazing they send me to interviews and found me a fantastic temp job that pay super well, the girls in the desk always call and give me feedback of interviews etc. I have absolutely no complaints about them and for me Imperial was a fab agency to work with.” – Michele F (Jan 2020)

“Imperial nannies is vey helpful agency. I got my job 5 years ago (still work for the same family), if I have new questions I emailed them and they replied very fast.” – Spring C (Jan 2020)

“I think Imperial might have to be my favourite at the moment. Quick to respond! This has been especially highlighted by other agencies not being so quick to respond (or just not replying at all!) during my current job hunt.” – Jessi W (May 2019)

Kensington Nannies

“Louise from Kensington Nannies, I use her 99% of the time. She always gets me amazing jobs, is available at all times for questions, problems and support should you need it. She never sugar coats anything and has a no nonsense policy which I love.” – Cathy D (August 2019)

Kinder Staff

Gillian from Kinder Nannies (Kinder Staff) was amazing. She put me forward for a job and was easy to contact via WhatApp for the whole of the process. She was quick to offer advice, even getting back to me over the weekend! Really recommend!” – Lucinda D (June 2020)

Knightsbridge Nannies

“My current job I got through Knightsbridge Nannies, only two people in the office so very personal and only suggest jobs that suit exactly what I’m looking for” – Mol C (2019)


“I have used Lemonjelly for many years, looking for both nanny positions and babysitting work. Jo is fantastic and I wouldn’t use anyone else!” – Jenny M (May 2019) 

Little Beans Nannies

Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire and London (North and Central)

“Friendly, welcoming and listen to your needs, and try to help you as much as they can.” – Chelsea (2019)

Little Steps Agency

“Very helpful/great to talk to/friendly/positive. Charlotte has been through a similar situation as me was a nursery manager & became a nanny herself. When I first met her she was very understanding of my situation & genuinely wants the best for you. 
Overall a lovely person & amazing at her job!
I have already recommended her and will continue to.” – Candice W (August 2020)

London Nanny Company

“Christina is fantastic, had my last two jobs with her. 2.5 years and 4years currently. Highly professional and really match the nanny to the family. They really look after the nanny and help with everything from contracts to general help and advice.” – Linda N (October 2020)

Meribel Nannies
English Agency in France

“Meribel Nannies is run by Nicole, who is fab! It’s a different way to ski nanny as you’re not run by a big travel company but a small independent agency based there. She gets great rates for her nannies who work for too, she’s based there so it’s easy if you ever have a problem! An amazing experience to be a ski nanny and work in some amazing chalets! Would highly recommend to all, as I was totally new to skiing!” – Lucinda D (June 2020)

Mortimer Nannies

“Tanja was very friendly, helpful and informative, she made sure she researched wages and other things for me and got back to me quickly about any other questions I had. Out of the agencies I’m registered with, Tanja was definitely the most helpful and communicated much better with me.” – Madeleine T (May 2019) 

“Tanja is always friendly, approachable and always willing to help”. – Jennifer W (May 2019)

Mums The Word

“Beverley Marshall who runs Mums The Word Nanny Agency is great! She is always joining into local events to get to know both local nannies and local families. She placed in into a local event creche and made sure it all went smoothly before and after the event including that we had a fair rate of pay. She was also very keen to hear our feedback” – Nanny Ophelie (2019)

“Overall good and functioning” – Ainiki (2017)

My Tamarin

“I must say I am BEYOND impressed by My Tamarin agency! They took the time to form a beautiful profile for me and it’s very discreet and only accessible to registered parents!
Not to mention you can message parents and vice versa. If you’re looking for an agency I would 100% recommend them!” – Justyna (July 2020)

“I like My Tamarin very much, they really were in contact with me and helped me so much to find a nanny job” – Lavinia S (August 2019)

My Travelling Nanny / My Temporary Nanny

“It’s a small agency but have fab jobs. For temp jobs. There are a couple of ladies working there who work really hard to get you the job, and chase for you if/when any problems. All very lovely! Less personable but really professional!” – Winnie C (June 2020)


“Absolutely lovely lovely lady!” – Jemma G (June 2020)


“Nanna here in Rugby. Nicolette is very professional!” – Helen E (June 2020)

Nannies Incorporated

“They’re the first agency I’ve personally worked with, who I feel really cares about the nannies they’re placing. Annies reguarly calls me to check up on how I’m doing on my job search, and has searched extensively to help me find a family that I can be happy with long term. They’re based in London but also place nannies internationally. They’re a great agency and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!” – Poppy D (June 2020)

Nanny & Butler

“Kay from Nanny and Butler. She has been absolutely amazing at helping me find a family! So lovely” – Gayle T (June 2020)

“Kay at Nanny & Butler is lovely and supportive!” – Adel L (June 2020)


“Diana was a nanny before becoming an agent, she runs the business with her husband. Diana is super infomative along the process of applying for position, during the the interview process/outcome.
Diana also really takes an interest in nannies she takes on her books to get to know them well with previous agencies I felt like a number to them but not with Diana, but she is also like this with the families too, she visits each family in person so she can really help them find the best match for them. Also Diana is a text or phone call away if you ever need her for anything.” – Donna E (June 2020)

Nanny Scout

“I can not recommend Nanny Scout enough. Victoria is extremely professional but also very personable and being a nanny herself she understands the relationship between parent/nannies so is great at getting the best fit for each job.” – Jennifer W (May 2019) 

Nannies of St James

“Nannies of St James have placed me in 3 different positions over the years. They are excellent and my current job is a perfect fit for me and the family.” – Ann Marie H (2019)

“Rosemary at NSJ has also found me a job and again does amazing and works hard to find the perfect nanny/family match!” – Lauren O (May 2019)

“Kind, caring and great at keeping contact. Also, great high quality jobs.” – Sophie (Feb 2017)

Nappy Valley Nannies

 “Amanda and Diana are fantastic always there on hand, honest and listen to what you want. Very friendly.” – Daniela (March 2019)

Nutkin Nannies

“Sarah Cozens who runs Nutkin Nannies in Surrey is top notch! She has a Norland background so knows her stuff when to comes to childcare, but she’s a mum too which means she understands both sides! She has high expectations of her nannies so you can be assured only the best ones will be on her books! Her interview process is very thorough and when you come out you feel like she knows who you are and what job you are looking for. She will be honest in letting you know about your chances and advise you on what to do to make your profile more appealing to families whether it’s adapting your CV or recommending courses!  – Nanny Ophelie (May 2019)

O & P Nannies

I have always found O&P in London to be very professional and match client needs/ nanny preferences as closely as possible. – Adele S (May 2019)

“Tonya at O &P was on the ball and very quick and efficient with communication.” – Jessi W (May 2019)

 “O&P are the best and Charlotte is amazing she’s the agent you want as she puts all her nanny clients needs into action when searching for a possible family placement. She’s honest efficient listens and works hard to find the perfect family for you! Also I’ve used Tonya at O&P to hire a temp nanny to cover my holiday and she again delivered on the job.” – Lauren O (May 2019)

“I have had many temporary placements through Tonya at O&P and she has never failed to match me with the perfect family. Whether abroad of in the UK. Tonya always reaches out to ask how I am and how the position is going which is a comfort as it can be a little daunting at times flying around the world on your own and meeting people you’ve never met before” – Tanya (May 2019)

Peaceful Learning 

“An agency with a different approach. Lara and her team are just so lovely” – Louise J (June 2020) 

Polo & Tweed 

“Lucy and her team are fabulous. Responsive, listen attentively and really care about their nanny/family match.” – Louise J (June 2020)

Pumpkins Nanny Agency

“Fantastic agency. They take the time to get to know what you want and will only send you for interviews that fit. They are there for you when things go wrong and not afraid to tell parents how it is!” – Hannah M (June 2020)

“They’ve been so helpful over the last few years and really care about making sure they find the perfect role for each of their nannies. I’ve had a brilliant experience and would highly recommend!” – Sarah P (Nov 2018)

Pure Nannies

“Fantastic agency.” – Marian (May 2019)

Raising Little People

“Tina at Raising Little People get a big thumbs up from me” – Katherine H (May 2019)


“Anais and Anna. Always keep in touch. Have got me lots of fantastic temping. Very friendly and supportive” – Carole H (July 2019)

Randolphs have been great, namely Anna. Understands me and what I’m looking for. Clearly very busy but always finds time to get back to you with relevant updates.” – Jen L (July 2019)

Red Robin Nannies

“Brilliant agency” – Becca (May 2019)

Rosebud Nanny Agency
Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, South Cambridgeshire and North Buckinghamshire

“Abi’s been instrumental in finding me a few jobs. She’s easily contactable & her communication is excellent. She’s always listened to my likes and dislikes & has never put me forward for a job I didn’t think would suit. I would highly recommend” – Samantha L (June 2020) 

“Abi found me a lovely job which sadly I was made redundant during COVID-19 but she has since been so helpful in finding me other jobs!” – Jessica F (June 2020)

“Abi is so helpful and friendly and only suggests jobs which might be suitable” – Carole H (June 2020) 

“From start to finish the process was smooth, Abi was extremely helpful and I’d actually been emailing her for well over a year when I was thinking about becoming a nanny, she gave me all the help and info needed! She really wants to make sure you find the role that is for you! And I have been with this family a year now and still email when I need advice/info and Abi doesn’t hesitate to help! Amazing!” – Paige J (May 2019)

“Abi is a professional, she takes care in placing nannies and follows up with the family and nanny after placement.” – Sarah H (May 2019)

“Abi from Rosebud Nanny Agency! Wow, where do I start? She’s placed me in my last two roles and has honestly been such an amazing support throughout both experiences. Abi really gets to know you before placing you in a role which is so important, going forward to make sure you match your nanny family well. Keep up the great work!” Grace D (May 2019) 

“Abi is fantastic. She really listens to what your looking for as a nanny, offer great advice & doesn’t push you for interviews etc that aren’t a good fit.” – Kelly D (January 2019)

Royal Nannies

“Andrea found me my dream nanny job and I can’t thank her enough. They are efficient, consistent and friendly.” – Nanny Sharz (Nov 2017)

Savernake Nannies

“Savernake Nannies are brilliant. Debbie takes time to get to know people. I do ad hoc and event work for her and she is really supportive. She offers courses and also has started getting nannies together as it’s a lonely job, great agency! ” – Julie H (May 2019)

Silver and Bow

“Laura from Silver and Bow. Lovely woman. Allowed me to stay at her house in London when I had a trial across 2 days and didn’t judge me when the job turned out to be the job from hell! Keeps in touch with her nannies. I am working locally because of my brothers ill health but happy to get me a job anytime. She has some amazing clients and nannies.” – Carole H (June 2020)


“TGNC are awesome! I love them! Stephanie is awesome. She was very nice and answer so quickly. Everything was easier with them even after my interview with a family. She was so cheerful and nice. You are someone with them and not just a random number on a list. They help you on the process.” – Lily (2019)

The Nanny Agent

“Being a nanny herself, Chelsea made it a little more personal and spent time going through everything in detail with me. Quick to respond, helpful tools and ideas and genuinely friendly” – Natalie H (June 2019)

The Nanny Service 

“The Nanny Service was brilliant for me” – Julie S (June 2020) 

The Northern Nanny Agency

“I couldn’t recommend Penny at The Northern Nanny Agency enough. Penny has not only helped me get 2 jobs but has also been there for support throughout. She is so lovely, warm and welcoming. I wouldn’t recommend any other agency!” – Emily A (June 2020)

The Yorkshire Nanny Company

“The yorkshire Nanny agency have been brilliant with me. Lyndsey is really thorough but fair and always has the nannies best interests at heart” – Kirsty B (October 2020)

“Lyndsey is amazing at The Yorkshire Nanny Company, she found me my last 2 jobs and also lots of babysitting and wedding nannying. I’m in Harrogate although she covers all over. Very professional, lots of advice and very helpful.” – Sarah C (June 2020)

Tinies Central

“Ashleigh, Sabrina, Tami and Louise from Tinies Central Office, thank you so much for all the temp work you have been swinging my way. So organised and very professional. Thanks guys.” – Melisa M (August 2019)

Tinies Northants

“Lynn at Tinies Northants branch is just lovely. Very friendly and extremely helpful. Always replies to messages/emails and always listened and took on board any feedback from jobs I had. Would highly recommend to contact Lynn if you’re local to Northants and MK area.”- Mel T (May 2019)

Vacation Nannies

“Charlotte who runs Vacation Nannies is fab! Her agency is new and small but I think that’s what makes it great! She takes time to talk to you and you can really see what it is you want” – Lucinda D (June 2020)

Willow Nannies

“Lizzie at Willow Nannies, she owns the agency, used to be a maternity nurse too, she is so so lovely. She is very personable.” – Winnie C (June 2020)

Wimbledon Nannies

“Renate and Claire are both super helpful, definitely get to know you the nanny and only put you forward for jobs that you want to go for, not pushy if you say you don’t think it’s for you , been using them since 2005(ish)” – Emma M (October 2020)

“Wimbledon nannies for sure claire and Renate are amazing at what they do” – Daniela (May 2019)

“Wimbledon Nannies were amazing! I cannot fault their service. Didn’t end up getting a job through them as my location changed. Great communication and always got feedback from them (which I wanted) after each interview. I dealt with mainly Claire who was professional and extremely friendly. Listened to what kind of job I wanted and were not pushy at all.” – Michelle T (May 2019)

“Wimbledon Nannies are great, I’ve got my last three jobs through them, including my present whom I’ve been with over three years. They only send you on interviews you want and just accept it if you say no, don’t try and persuade you to ‘give it a chance’.” – Terrie-Anne C (May 2019)

Wright Advice

“Ellie Wright is so helpful and friendly and has helped lots of my friends to find nanny jobs. She interviews the clients and turns away any that she feels will not treat nannies well so is definitely looking out for them!” – Fiona M (June 2020)

Yellow Duck

“Christina is lovely. I recommend them.” – Nanny Shaz (Nov 2017)

Disclaimer: All comments stated here are quoted from nannies with genuine experiences of the agencies.
These are the views of the individual and do not represent the opinions of Nalo.